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21-Oct-2017 09:19

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I have many Canon lenses and don't relish the idea of changing brands because Nikon or Sony has some new whiz-bang capability that I will not use.BTW, I do own a Nikon DSLR and a Fuji S5 Pro that I use for photomicrography on a Ziess microscope.For those that don't bother to learn how to use manual mode, I think this was a show stopper for them. Canon releases an 'upgrade' to a camera and all some of us can do is complain about it or say Nikon or Sony is better.I use both, but have been forced to use manual in more situations than I ever did with my old 400D. Canon and Toyota have a propensity for controlling the end use experience to a fault, which is why this release is going to be well received. Yes you can process a RAW into JPEG "in camera" but it gives the JPG file a different name! Owners of the 7D should be relatively happy about the upgrade.In an unusual move for a camera that has been on the market for almost three years, Canon is performing the most comprehensive firmware upgrade we can remember.

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I know this because I'm currently doing it, as I'm sure many are.

The EOS 7D's new firmware provides extended versatility across both stills and movies.

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