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After Peter Manega has obtained in 1832 the money needed for lease renewal to Kriukov's house, library remained there until 1834- in three small rooms.

In 1835, Peter Manega rent for library a new building, built by the same monger Bogaciov, opposite the city boulevard, which does not have entry from the street.

National Library of Moldova represents the treasure of cultural heritage written and printed, which over the years performs: The Gubernatorial Public Library of Bessarabia (later Public Library) was established in Chişinău by an order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Empire which remains the founder of the library until 1917. The doctor of law, Peter Manega, came from Bucharest and he was preoccupied of finding, renting this building and also the purchase of books fund.

On August 22, 1832, took place the inauguration of the library, at that time the governor of the country was A. The first librarian was Gabriel Bilevici, an intellectual with studies done in Chernivtsi, a professor at the Gymnasium nr. Liprandi, and from Kelhner and from professor Arhanghelski, also the publications donated by G.

From 1992 until his death on April 8, 2015 the director of the National Library was Alexe Rău – Ph.

D., a library scientist, philosopher, poet and essayist.

, BNRM) located in Chişinău, Moldova is the main library of the state which is responsible for conservation, valorization and protection of written cultural heritage.Among them an important role for books is held by General Liprandi, and two volumes of Aristotle commented by Donati Acciaioli and Simplicius, the oldest books in library collections, the oldest books in library collections, works of incunabula era that connects us with and include us in concert of the most valuable European libraries. The new image that created BNRM in the country and abroad contribute to the choice of different personalities or their relatives of the library as a place of conservation and making available to future generations some important private libraries.

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