Delicious network not updating

21-Sep-2017 05:44

Also recommended: How to Use Bitly for Social Bookmarking To get started, you need to sign up for a free account.Once you've done that, you can start adding links and discovering new links from the community or based on what people in your network are sharing.You can also get Delicious browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.Recommended: Use the Evernote Web Clipper to Save Anything You Find Online for Later Delicious is already pretty intuitive to use, but we'll break down each individual feature with a brief summary.

In the release, Cegłowski explains that he purchased the site (reportedly for a measly thousand) because it was a piece of internet history, and because he didn’t want it to “disappear from the web.” He capped off the announcement by saying “Do not attempt to compete with Pinboard.” While the site’s heyday has long since passed, Delicious’ influence will linger: it helped to establish social bookmarking in the earlier days of the web, features which have since been incorporated into a number of other sites, such as Pinboard, Pocket, and Pinterest.Delicious is a tool that's been around for a while now and is recognized as one of the leading platforms for social bookmarking.You can use it to discover, share and organize important links so you always know where to find them again later.Just copy and paste the link into the given field and then optionally edit the title or add some tags to help other users discover it. Settings: This is where you can build a user profile, connect your other social accounts, import or export existing bookmarks, change your password and more.

Delicious also has mobile apps for i OS and Android devices so you can save links easily when you're browsing on a mobile device too.

The bookmarklet, for example, is something you can add to your browser.