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There is a clear difference in the products here, with the Napolina tomatoes having a thick, pulpy sauce and the LIDL tin a more watery appearance.Everyone immediately identifies the Napolina product as the pricier of the two and all remark on the quality.Both cheddars have won a series of awards for taste, so it is no surprise that our testers enjoy trying these.The Davidstow is paler and has a more crumbly texture than the Aldi one, which for some reason makes it look more expensive.Our panel liked both a lot but found the Morrisons juice just had the edge, agreeing it 'tastes freshly squeezed' and 'feels healthy' with a slightly stronger citrus flavour.

The Essential Waitrose range may be the butt of jokes on social media (‘Pass me some Essential hummus, Tarquin’), but it is a billion pound range with around 2,000 products.

The other letter necessitating disused symbols is J; the available symbols are J (for iodine, I), Jg (for argonium/hafnium, Hf), or Jo (for joliotium/dubnium, Db).

Here is one of many possibilities using Jo: A self-enumerating pangram, or a pangrammic autogram, is a pangram which describes the number of letters it itself contains.

Unq, for unnilquadium, now known as rutherfordium, Rf, is in every pangram, as it is only one of two chemical symbols with a Q.

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The two Us in Uuq (ununquadium, now known as flerovium, Fl) prevent its use.

As well as containing some rather amusing gems, the pangrams in languages other than English can be occasionally useful for designers of all sorts.

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