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The spectral view over time will essentially display the steady-state RF energy signature of a given environment.

This graph displays a traditional Spectrum Analyzer in which energy (in d Bm) is shown real-time as a function of frequency.

The low end of that legend (left) is always adjusted with the calculated noise floor, and the high end (right) is set to the highest detected power level since the start of the session.

This graph is ideal for determining the best channel to setup a Wi Fi network for optimal performance.

In the graph, each 2.4GHz Wi Fi channel is represented by a bar displaying a percentage representing the relative "crowdedness" of that specific channel.

This percentage is calculated by analyzing both the popularity and the strength of RF energy in that channel since the start of a Air View session.

Constellation Diagrams and CINR Histograms SNR Time Series Plots air MAX – Provides superior wireless performance, more clients per Access Point (AP), and lower latency.

Unlike standard Wi Fi protocol, Ubiquiti's Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) air MAX protocol allows each client to send & receive data using pre-designated time slots scheduled by an intelligent AP controller.

BM2HP (2.4GHz, Hi-Power, 28d Bm), BM5HP (5GHz, Hi-Power, 25d Bm) Sector Antennas, Omni Antennas, Dish Antennas, etc.; any Antenna* can easily be transformed into a powerful and robust outdoor Access Point, Client, or Bridge by simply plugging in Bullet M.

Real-time, this trace shows the real-time energy seen by the Air View device as a function of frequency.

Air Control is a powerful and intuitive web based server network management application which allows operators to centrally manage entire networks of Ubiqutii devices.

Powerful Wireless Features air MAX ac devices feature a multi-radio architecture to power a revolutionary RF analytics engine.

An independent processor on the PCBA powers a second, dedicated radio, which persistently analyzes the full 5 GHz spectrum and every received symbol to provide you with the most advanced RF analytics in the industry.

The power of the energy in d Bm is shown across the frequency span.

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